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Q & A’s

What makes your brand different?

In such an insta crazed world we want to make you stand out from the crowd, so WE stand out from the crowd! Our lashes are animal friendly and our styles are not only affordable but always on trend! What’s not to love?! 

Are Designer Lashes vegan?
Yes! We are a PETA approved company & all of our lashes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We have sourced the best quality materials for our products & believe no animals should be 

harmed in the process. Cause who wants to see a sad bunny right? *our hearts*

How do I apply false eyelashes? 
We looks so easy but sometimes before you know it, your lashes are stuck to your eyebrow, you’ve sweating off your make up trying to get them perfect and you’re 3 hours late! We’ve made it simple for you- 
Start by gently pulling on the two ends of the band until it's detached from the tray. Then, look downwards at a mirror, and position the lashes on your eyes, just above your natural lash line.
Note the width of your eyes, and trim the false lashes from the outside corner to match. After trimming, apply a thin, even strip 
of glue along the band of the lashes, then allow the glue to settle for a few seconds. (Be patient, have a little daydream about Tom Hardy!) 

After the glue starts to get tacky, look downwards at a mirror again, and carefully position the lashes at the base of your natural lash line, pushing it down as close as possible, for the most natural look. Once you're happy with the placement of the lashes, leave the lashes on and wait for the glue to try. That's it! Applaud the queen that you are! 

Are false lashes reusable and how long do false eyelashes last?

All of our lashes are handmade and reusable either up to 5 times (Glamourize) or 25 times (Signature) The more careful you are with them, the longer they’ll last. We recommend putting them back in their box (that’s why we’ve made our boxes so damn pretty!) when not in use to keep them safe and last longer. So long as you look after them, you’ll be able to wear them multiple times. We know it’s easy to come home from a night out and chuck them anywhere...but then you could mistake them for a spider so just put them in the box, better for everyone! 

How do I remove my false lashes? 

Starting from the outer corners of the eye and working inwards, gently lift the false eyelash. Be extra careful here & you’ll be able to get more wears. Make sure to peel off any leftover glue residue and if you still have the packaging to hand then store in the box 

Is your lash adhesive suitable for sensitive skin?
Our glue is latex-free, formaldehyde-free, paraben and phthalate free, hypoallergenic and waterproof.

We recommend trying a little on the back of your hand first to test if you’re unsure. If in the unlikely event there is irritation then don’t panic, just wash it off the area and we will recommend an alternative! 

Style Questions

Check out our illustrated style guide 

Do you offer MUA discounts? 

Yes! Our MUA pro discount is better than Kylie Jenner’s bank balance and makes our already affordable lashes a steal! You can find all info on discounts available on our MUA discount page.

I have a question about my order? 
Fab, as we love to chat to our customers and we love to answer your questions! Don’t be scared to ask whatever it may be! 
Delivery (now for the fun stuff) 
Do you do free delivery?

YES YES YES!! How many times have you been shop happy and then abandoned cart due to a delivery fee?! Cause we know we have! We’ve all been there so we’ve decided to give all our UK customers free delivery! Yes that’s right.... completely free! International customers - don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you and have made sure our overseas shipping rates are as competitive as can be! 

I have a question about delivery?

Please see our Delivery Info page, where you can also find contact details.

I want to send back some lashes, what’s your returns policy?

Well umm this is awkward, this doesn’t happen often! But don’t worry, If you're not happy with your eyelashes, we offer refunds for orders returned to us within 7 days in a resell-able condition. We do not offer exchanges! 

How do I get my work featured on your page?

We love nothing more than showing off our your creations! Tag us, put us in your caption, hashtag the lashes, go all out and make sure we see you!! Then keep your fingers crossed and eyes peeled to see if it gets featured! This may then appear on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even our website. We love everything with our lashes from boomerangs, selfies, make up tutorials...get your Designer Lashes in it! 

I have a question that’s not listed here, can I speak to someone?
Of course, we’re always here and happy to help!
Just holla at us - all details are on our Contact us page

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